Spyware How it can Hurt PPC Advertising

It was reported that Spyware creators had hijacked the Yahoo Pay Per Click program and have been using their program to generate fraudulent clicks on ads. Research showed that dozens of Spyware companies have been redirecting unsuspecting users to websites and have been inserting ads on websites, so that when a user clicks on it then Webmaster does not obtain the revenue but the spyware company.

Currently this has only been reported to affect Yahoo’s PPC program, but it is also possible these same tactics may have been used to steal thousands of dollars from other programs like Google Adsense. These actions have potentially cost webmasters and advertisers enormous revenue over the last few months.

It has been reported that Webmaster earnings are down across different websites and this may be the cause. It is normal for webmasters to experience a fluctuation in earnings from month to month, but the last few months have been unusual according to many webmasters in forums all over the internet.

Since the web has become the livelihood for so many people it's time legislators created laws to help remove the threat posed to consumers and business owners alike from rogue spyware. This problem get worse by the day and if something is not done about it soon, it will be very hard for the internet to maintain the growth it has experienced to date. With over a billion dollars being spent on the internet every year, this business medium is becoming a essential part of the global business market and we need to protect it.

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